Club Melee and Lunch – 24 November 2019

Last Sunday at the Club, we played the usual end of month melee followed by a lunch in the Penylan Club.

The melle was restricted to 2 rounds instead of the usual 3 so that we could finish in time for lunch. 22 members took part in the play (meaning one game in each round had to be played as a triple) and at the end of Round 1 there, obviously, 11 winners. The leaders this stage were Alan Welch & John Xiberas (+13), Peter Kensett & Keith Nott (+12) and Sean Smith & Roger Griffin (+8).

So it was onto Round 2 and with only 2 rounds it would be very difficult for any player to make up the deficit in points difference. When the scores were in there were 8 players on 2 wins with Keith, Alan and Peter scooping the prizes in a very close finish.

The full results for the top 8 on 2 wins were:

Team Place Diff
Keith Nott 1 +21
Alan Welch 2 +20
Peter Kensett 3 +19
Mike Jones 4 +18
Sean Smith 5 +17
Peter David 6 +16
Roger “Ben” Bennett 6 +16
Roger Griffin 8 +11

So it was into the bar for a quick drink before the lunch which had been prepared by Linda Hodges, Judith Smith & Barbara Kensett. Turkey and ham which had been cooked for the Nations Veterans Cup in the summer but not used had been frozen so that it could be kept for this meal. Served along with chips and vegetables it proved to be a splendid repast especially when it was finished of with a large slice of lemon meringue pie – also surplus from the summer competition!

President Mike announced the winners of the melee and paid them their ill-gotten gains. Mike then thanked everyone for coming and gave special thanks to Linda, Judith & Barbara for all their hard work. His suggestion that we might do this after every month end melee was met with almost unanimous approval – the dissenters were, of course, Linda, Judith & Barbara!

A great day helping to foster a great atmosphere within the Club.

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