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Monkstone Open Doubles

Fourteen teams entered today’s Monkstone Open Doubles and after a chilly start the weather and the competition warmed up. With 14 teams it was difficult to have the usual pools followed by knockout and so a computer generated random draw was carried out where each team would play 6 other teams. By lunchtime, after 3 rounds, there were 4 teams on 3 wins:

   Keith Nott & John Barnes Richard Harris & Matt Howells
   Kon Tomczyk & Peter Westall Roger Griffin & Bernard Adshead

The afternoon session got underway and Round 4 brought Nott & Barnes against Griffin & Adshead. Unfortunately John Barnes was suffering with a shoulder injury and Griffin & Adshead ran out comfortable winners. With the other two lunchtime leaders also winning it put 3 teams on 4 wins. All 3 teams notched up a win in Round 5 to set up an exciting finish in Round 6.

Going into the final round all 3 teams were very close on games for/against but the order was:

1 Richard Harris & Matt Howells
2 Roger Griffin & Bernard Adshead
3 Kon Tomczyk & Peter Westall

The round pitted Tomczyk & Westall against Griffin & Adshead which meant only 2 teams could finish with 6 wins and with Harris & Howells drawn against Len Field & Jeremy Clare (3 wins) they were clear favourites to win the competition. The game between Tomczyk & Westall and Griffin & Adshead was nip and tuck with each team grabbing the lead only to lose it again. Unknown to both teams Harris & Howells had succumbed to Clare & Field meaning the winners of this game would win the competition being the only team with 6 wins. In a nail biting finish Tomczyk & Westall just managed to triumph by 9-8.

The final results were announced by Club President, Mike Jones:

Pos Team W F A
1 Kon Tomczyk & Peter Westall 6 73 35
2 Richard Harris & Matt Howells 5 73 25
3 Roger Griffin & Bernard Adshead 5 73 35

Congratulations to Kon Tomczyk & Peter Westall and a big thank you to all those who entered and took part. A special thank-you to Tony Smith for acting as organiser and running the competition.

Updated Playing Calendar

The 2019 Playing Calendar has been updated and is available on the Calendar tab above

First Melee of 2019

Last Sunday the Club held its first melee of 2019 organised by Roger Green.

In Round 1 there were some closely fought games but when all the scores were in, Phil Roberts and Roger Green had taken an early lead with a win and +12.

In Round 2 the fierce, but friendly, competition continued and this was confirmed when at the end of the round there were only 4 players on 2 wins:

1 Roger Green +24
2 Jayne Dunn +18
3 Barabara Kensett +11
4 Keith Nott +10

It looked very much as if the winner would come from this group of 4 with Roger Green in pole position but he still had to win his last game to be sure of victory. When the scores came in, 2 of the players on 2 wins had converted that into 3 wins – but 2 had fallen at the last hurdle – which raised the prospect of someone else with a good third round win getting into the prizes.

This proved not to be the case and it was Keith Nott who fell out of the top 3 and, following in the best Mike Jones tradition, the organiser had consolidated his lead and was declared the winner.

1 Roger Green 3 wins +28
2 Barbara Kensett 3 wins +18
3 Jayne Dunn 2 wins +17

Thanks again to Roger for his organisation – your correspondent is thinking of doing the next one as it seems the only way he will get near the prizes.



Winter Friendly – 2nd Leg

On Sunday 13 February we hosted Caerleon in the second leg of our Winter Friendly tournament, our visitors having won the first leg in November by 7 points to 5.. A good win for our club was a necessity if we were to have any chance of carrying off the fine trophy generously donated by Gareth Spencer.

The format remained the same, with four triples kicking off proceedings. At the end of the round, honours were even at 2-2, with Roger Griffin, Gill Clark and Peter Kensett winning a tight game 12-11, while Gareth Spencer, Phil Roberts and Ian Baildon-Smith produced a convincing 13-5 win.

Round 2 saw both squads splitting into four doubles and four singles, with eight points on offer. In the singles there were wins for Roger Green, Roger Griffin and Tony Smith, giving our club a lead of 5-3. Everything rested on the doubles and Sean Smith and Michelle Spencer came up trumps with an impressive 13-1 win, making it 6-3. But Caerleon rallied and took the next two doubles, reducing Monkstone’s lead to the slender margin of 6-5. All eyes were on the final game, with Phil and Ian playing the formidable duo of Tansy and Paul. It proved a very tense game and as time ran out Tansy and Paul saw their lead whittled away by the dogged play of Phil and Ian who snatched victory on the final end, winning 11-10. Monkstone had won the leg 7-5! – making the overall score 12-12

But which club had won the two-match series? After a thorough scrutiny of the stats of both legs, the teams were equal on wins and losses but a bonus point to Caerleon for a team winning all three games in the first leg gave them the spoils. However, in the end it was the game of petanque that was the winner in terms of the spirit of healthy competition and fair play that both sides displayed throughout these Winter Friendly games.


So, our thanks go to Caerleon for a really enjoyable tournament and to all the Monkstone players who took part in the series. Thanks also to Joy for preparing a delicious hot meal after the game and to Lynda for her help in the kitchen. One mystery remains unsolved – who raked our pistes before the match? But thank you anyway.

We look forward to the Winter Friendlies becoming a regular feature between our two clubs in the years ahead.


2019 Calendar Published

The 2019 Playing Calendar is now available under the “Calendar” tab at the top of the page. The Calendar incorporates all events that we are aware of, Club, WPA, Other Clubs, International and League.

It looks like a very busy year of bouling.

Good Luck to everyone in whatever competitions you decided to enter.