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Monkstone Open Triples

Yesterday the club held its annual Open Triples competition when we were blessed with a nice fine morning which unfortunately turned to rain in the afternoon. The competition attracted 16 teams from the WPA and, for the first time ever, 2 teams from across the water from Filton PC & City of Bath PC, with the latter being reinforced by our own Andres Siso.

The morning was played as 4 pools of 4 teams and the results of the pool stage can be found here. The team led by Sean Smith put in the strongest performance in the Pool Stage, being the only team with 3 wins. Notable efforts by teams entirely from Monkstone were recorded by Ash Seath & Jayne Dunn, both with 2 wins.

Time for Lunch

The afternoon was played as two knockout competitions, Gold & Silver. All the teams were ranked according to their results in the pool stage, the top 8 played in Gold quarter final whilst the next 8 played in the Silver quarter final.

The Quarter Finals produced a number of shock results when in the Gold competition Robin & Frances Ralph and Andres Siso overcame Len Field, Jean-Yves Robic and Julie Bailey [13-10] and Ash Seath, Keith Thomas and Steve Hawkey saw off Stuart Sutcliffe, Derek Jones & John Attfield [13-4]. In the all Monkstone clash in the Silver competition, Mike Wigg & Carol & John Maroney prevailed against Roger Green, Gill Clark & Phil Roberts [13-12].

The Semi Finals also produced an unexpected result when, in the Gold, Sean Smith, Ian Bailey & Gareth Spencer were sent home by Tansy & Paul Mayfield and Harrison Ash [13-5].

Play in Full Swing

So the Gold final was fought out between the Robin & Frances Ralph, Andres Siso combo and Tansy & Paul Mayfield and Harrison Ash with the latter prevailing by the narrow margin of 13-12 after recovering from being 6-12 down. In the Silver Final, Bernard & Vickie Adshead and Roger Griffin were pitted against Hugh Morris, Steve Griffiths and Chris James over whom they had prevailed by 13-10 in the Pool stage, but the Monkstone team just couldn’t get into the game and went down 13-5. The full results of the Knockout stage can be found here.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank-you to all those who participated in, organised or helped in any way in what was a very successful and enjoyable competition.



Silver Winners Steve Griffiths, Hugh Morris & Chris James with Monkstone President, Mike Jones.








Silver Runners Up Bernard Adshead,

Vickie Adshead & Roger Griffin with Mike Jones







Gold Runners Up Frances & Robin Ralph and Andres Siso with Mike Jones








Gold Winners Harrison Ash, Tansy & Paul Mayfield with Mike Jones






What’s Been Occurrin’!

This is an update on what has been happening at the Club in the 3 months we have been “off-air”. Access to the “back” of the site to post updates and club news was not available from around 24 January to 21 April 2022.

When we went “off-air” we had just completed a famous victory over Caerleon PC in the annual Winter Friendly. A report of this was posted just before we started to have problems.

Monkstone PC v Royal Wootton Bassett PC

The competition emerged from an approach by Royal Wootton Bassett (RWB) to the WPA to enquire if a Welsh petanque club would be interested in a two-leg friendly. We jumped at the chance of some competitive action at the end of a drab winter. It was agreed that each club should field 12 players and the format would be two rounds of triples, followed by two rounds of doubles, that’s 20 games per leg or 40 in total, all of which would be timed. Our team comprised:

Roger Griffin, Gill Greenwell, Bernard Adshead, Vickie Adshead, Mike Wigg Keith Nott, John Barnes, Tony Smith, Ash Seath, Steve Hawkey, Mike Jones Keith Thomas

First Leg: This took place on 9 March at the RWB club, which is situated in a sports complex on the outskirts of the town. RWB share the facility with a number of other sports clubs and the clubhouse is a very impressive building, complete with bar. After a very warm welcome from Alan McInnes and his team, and suitably fortified by a tray of sausage rolls, we started the first round of triples.

Obviously their pistes were new to us, but we settled down well and emerged with two out of four wins, which at the time seemed a fair result. Round 2 of the triples went the same way, with two wins each. But the points difference of 83-54 in our favour suggested we should have done better.

Triples Scores: RWB 4 – 4 MPC

We then broke for lunch, which was generously provided by our hosts. In the afternoon the first round of doubles got underway and we seemed to lose our way. Had we over-indulged on the sandwiches? RWB were certainly the better team and took the round 4-2, with the match now in their favour 8-6.

We could not afford to lose the final round of doubles and take a big deficit back to Cardiff. There were some tight games, but we held our own and drew the round 3-3, but RWB were still the winners on the day.

Doubles Scores: RWB 7 – 5 MPC

First Match Final Scores: RWB 11 – 9 MPC

Not much in it really, but everything now depended upon us upping our game in our home tie.

Second Leg: The return leg took place at MPC on 31 March. Prior commitments meant that Gill Greenwell, Bernard and Vickie needed to be replaced by Gill Clark, Roger Green and Phil Roberts, but not a bad trio to have on the bench.

Our visitors had arrived in plenty of time and were keen to get on our pistes to practise. They were also very complimentary about our facilities, which was nice to hear. We needed to get off to a flyer to close the deficit from the first leg, but even we were surprised to win the first round of triples 4-0 (50-20). We were even more delighted to take the second triples round by the same margin, 4-0 (49-23). Perhaps RWB had found it hard to adjust to the size and surface of our pistes, which are markedly different to theirs.

Triples Scores: MPC 8 – 0 RWB

Overall Match Position: MPC 17 – 11 RWB

After lunch, Roger Griffin and Mike Jones stepped down for Bernard and Vickie who were now able to play in the doubles. Faced with needing to win every game of round 3 to level the scores, to their credit RWB came out fighting, winning four of the six games.




Doubles Scores Round 1: MPC 2 – 4 RWB

Overall Match Position: MPC 19 – 15 RWB

So RWB still had a chance, but it was a slim one. Five wins would give them a draw; six wins would seal a fantastic victory!

But we held our nerve in the final round of doubles and RWB could only manage one win, giving MPC a famous victory on the day.

Doubles Scores Round 2: MPC 5 – RWB 1

Final Match Scores: MPC 24 – RWB 16

Congratulations to all those members who participated in a unique cross-border winter friendly, a competition that both clubs would like to see as an annual event. It was certainly a very enjoyable experience, played by both clubs in an atmosphere of fair play and mutual respect, which is what petanque is all about.

My thanks go to everyone who gave up their time to play, particular the away leg. Thanks also to Joy, ably assisted by Pauline, for providing such a delicious lunch in our home tie.

Monkstone Red Nose Melee

On Sunday 20 March 2022, Monkstone PC held its first ever Red Nose Melee in aid of Comic Relief. This year some of the money raised was going to support the people of Ukraine in their struggle to survive in these very difficult times. The idea was suggested by Roger Bennett and it turned out to be a great success. The entry fee of £5 was donated entirely to the charity and on a lovely sunny day the magnificent sum of £200 was raised. As for the melee itself, that wasn’t the important part but just for the record there were 29 members present and 4 players finished on 3 wins – 4th was Vickie Adshead (+12), 3rd John Xiberras (+16), 2nd Phil Roberts (+23) and, by a single point at (+24), was the winner, Bernard Adshead who wishes to point out that it was in no way connected with him being the organiser and scorer!






WPA President’s Cup

On Sunday 27 March 2022, Monkstone PC hosted the WPA President’s Cup and, for the first time ever, the President’s Novice Cup. This new competition was inaugurated by WPA President, Tony Smith, to try to encourage more people to take part in competitions. The main competition was won by a team from SWBRC Petanque Section – Julie Bailey, Len Field, Jean-Yves Robic & Geoff Jones. The new Novice cup was won by our own Amanda Jenkins, Roger Bennett & Rob Harris.

WPA National Precision Shooting & Singles

On Saturday & Sunday 23/24 April 2022, Monkstone PC hosted the WPA National Singles and the first Round of the National Precision Shooting Competition. A number of Monkstone members took part and the National Singles went to Kon Tomczyk of Caerleon RFC PC.

Monkstone Easter Egg Melee

Easter Sunday, 17 April 2022 saw the return, after a 2 year absence, of the popular Easter Egg Melee. 16 members took part and the handsome trophy was won by Amanda Jenkins, the only player on 3 wins, with Roger Griffin in 2nd place and Jayne Dunn in 3rd place. But this is the competition in which nobody loses as all entrants got a creme egg.


On a more general note we have removed all the restrictions that were brought in during the pandemic and we are just about back to normal – whatever normal is! Please don’t forget. however, that Coronavirus has not gone away and we should continue to respect each others’ space and still practice basic hand hygiene.

I think that just about wraps up a run down of events at the since January. Hopefully we will not have any further long running outages and we can keep you all up to date on WHAT’S OCCURIN’ at Monkstone Petanque Club.

Winter Friendly – 2nd Leg

The second leg of the Winter Friendly against Caerleon RFC PC was played today at Monkstone PC. Mike Jones, Monkstone President, welcomed the visitors from Caerleon and Bernard & Gemma announced the teams for the first round singles. Caerleon had a mountain to climb after the first leg which Monkstone had won by a massive margin of 58 points to 4 but Monkstone had added some less experienced players to their squad to give them the opportunity to play against one of the top clubs in the WPA. With a squad of 17 players, most would play in 2 of the 3 rounds.

Monkstone knew they only needed 5 points to retain the Winter Friendly Trophy and when they took the first three singles the game was up for Caerleon. Caerleon put up a great fight and at the end of the round they were only down 7 games to 5 and 14 points to 10.

In Round 2 Caerleon continued their much improved performance from the 1st leg and the doubles were tied at 3 games and 9 points each. Overall the score was 10 games to 8 and 23 points to 19. Even though the match was lost for Caerleon they had a chance to win the 2nd leg by taking 3 of 4 triples.

The 3rd Round got underway and it soon became obvious that unless there was a complete batting (sorry bouling – still scarred by the Ashes) collapse by Monkstone, Caerleon were not going to get the 3 wins that they needed. With Monkstone taking the first 3 games to finish, Caerleon were hoping to salvage something from the final game but Monkstone just nicked it 13-12 for a clean sweep. This made the final score 14 games to 8 and 43 points to 19 in Monkstone’s favour.

The overall score for the competition was 34 games to 10 and 101 points to 23 to Monkstone.

In our tradition (well we did it in the report of the 1st leg!) of naming and shaming, there were only two players who lost all their games and only two players who were fannied – in fact it was the same 2 players, Keith Nott & Peter Kensett.

It only remained for Gemma to gallantly present the trophy to Monkstone captain, Bernard Adshead.

And so we look forward to next winter’s edition of this well named “Friendly” competition when Caerleon are going to be looking for revenge and trying take the trophy back their club.

Gemma Foster presents the Winter Friendly Trophy to Monkstone captain, Bernard Adshead

Winter Friendly – 1st Leg

Caerleon provided a lovely sunny day for the 1st Leg of our annual (“plague & pestilence permitting” as Tansy put it) Winter Friendly against Caerleon RFC PC. Tansy welcomed all the players and thanked Gemma & Bernard for organising the teams for the day’s play. Tansy noted that Monkstone currently held the Winter Friendly Cup from the last time it was played in 2019/20.

Monkstone had brought a squad of 13 players – would that be unlucky? – after Mike Jones had to drop out due to a bug – not thought to be Covid.

The games got underway with the opening round of singles and it was very quickly apparent that Monkstone were taking a commanding lead in a number of games. This was confirmed at the end of the round with Monkstone taking 10 of the 12 games for a points lead of 20-4.

Worse was to come for Caerleon in Round 2 as Monkstone ripped through their doubles teams and took all of the 6 games for a points haul of 18-0 giving an overall points score at that stage of 38-4.

Caerleon were hoping that things couldn’t get any worse but Monkstone really had their tails up and, in the Round 3 triples, registered another clean sweep taking all 4 games and gaining another 20 points for a final points total of 58-4 and 20 games to 2.

It would be remiss not to expose Roger and Bernard as the 2 ne’er do wells who prevented a total whitewash.

Despite the ease with which Monkstone appeared to win, many of the games were closer than the score would suggest and all the games were played in a friendly attitude and good spirit – most of the spirit was in Gemma’s excellent Christmas cake which she generously provided.

And so its on to the 2nd leg to be held at Monkstone in two weeks time on 23 January 2022.

Pete can’t believe he got near the cosh!
The Smith boys considered their next play
Pete going for his own version of Red Nose Day!

2021 Christmas Melee

26 players took part today in the 2021 Christmas Melee on a grey rather nippy December day but the promise of mince pies and mulled wine took off the chill. As usual the parings had been selected at random by the computer.

Round 1 threw up a wide disparity of results with the 13 winners spread between +1 and +11.

Round 2 saw things tightening up with only 8 players on 2 wins but there was still a large range between +3 and +19. There was all to play for in the final round with John “Barney” Barnes (+11), Peter Kensett (+15) and Bernard Adshead (+19) all in contention but this would have to wait as a time out for mulled wine and mince pies was called.

Enjoying the time out

The Third round got underway and Barney and Bernard were on adjacent pistes. With the score in his game at 6-6, Bernard looked across to see that Barney had just won 13-0. Doing a quick calculation by taking off his shoes and socks, Bernard realised that if they dropped 2 more points there would be a tie between him & Barney but he had no idea how Pete was doing. Fortunately Bernard & Tony Smith took the game without dropping any more points to put an end to Barney’s challenge, but what about Pete? The game was still in progress so there was a wait before Pete’s challenge faded with a 6-13 loss and Bernard was confirmed as the winner of the 2021 Christmas Melee.

WINNER – with 3 wins (+26), BERNARD ADSHEAD

RUNNER-UP – with 3 wins (+24), JOHN BARNES

3RD PLACE – with 3 wins (+11), ASH SEATH

4TH PLACE – with 3 wins (+7), KEITH NOTT

Thanks to everyone who supported today’s competition. Well done to our latest old member, John “Barney” Barnes on being a very close runner up and CONGRATULATIONS to BERNARD

Bernard receives the trophy from Exec Member Judith Smith