HN Day 2 – Wales Go on the Charge

Wales started Day 2 well and part way through Round 8 they have closed the gap on Jersey to 2 games and are only 5 games behind England. The current round against Jersey and the next against England will be crucial to the final outcome.

A Slight Improvement

At the end of Day 1 of the 2019 Home Nations, Wales had pulled back a little and are now in 3rd Place. There is still everything to play for with England on 28 wins, Jersey on 27 and Wales not that far behind on 22 with Scotland trailing on 19. It is certainly the closest Home Nations at this stage for a number of years. It is essential Wales get a good start on Day 2.

Unfortunately It Didn’t Last ………

Wales’ early promise after Round 1 faded away and after the morning’s play on Day 1 they found themselves trailing if last place.

Wales Take Early Lead

Wales take an early lead after Round 1 of the Home Nations

Home Nations Gets Underway

The 2019 Home Nations competition gets underway this morning at Monkstone PC.

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