Winter Friendly 2nd Leg

The second leg of the 2nd annual Winter Friendly Trophy was held today at Caerleon RFC PC. Readers will remember that Monkstone had performed particularly well in the first leg held at the beginning of December, running out winners by 30 points to 15. It could be said that Monkstone were quietly confident of securing the 16 points they needed for victory out of the 45 on offer, There were even grand thoughts that wins in 8 of the 9 singles (Monkstone had won 7 out of 9 in the first leg) would give them the 16 points needed.

Tansy Mayfield called all the competitors to order, welcomed Monkstone to the Caerleon and admitted that Caerleon had a bit of a mountain to climb to retain the cup they had won last year by the slenderest margin of 1 point.

The singles got underway and Monkstone were looking comfortable with the first 3 scores to come being 13-3 wins for Mike Jones, Gareth Spencer and Jayne Dunn. With Amanda Jenkins, Peter Kensett and Phil Roberts holding reasonable leads in their games, it was looking like 6 wins for 12 of the points needed for victory. Only rookie Amanda managed to hold onto her lead  for a 13-7 win while Peter and Phil went down 10-13 and 12-13 respectively. With Tony Smith and Michelle Spencer also going down Monkstone were left with only 4 wins out of 9 giving them half of the required 16 points.

So it was onto the 4 doubles games where Monkstone were looking for a better return. It didn’t turn out that way – Tony Smith & Bernard Adshead let an early lead slip and were always struggling eventually going down 7-13. Mike Jones and Gill Greenwell went down 9-13 and Roger Griffin and Vickie Adshead lost 10-13 on the last end. The whitewash was saved by Phil Roberts and Jane McGirr who took their game 12-9.

The result of this was that it left Monkstone needing to win one of the three triples – a situation they had hoped to avoid by picking up the points they needed from the singles and doubles. In fact they only gained 11 of the necessary 16. At this point Caerleon were leading 19-11 on the day but Monkstone were leading 41-34 overall.

A break was taken to devour the extremely tasty soup, bread and cakes provided by Caerleon. 

The triples got underway with players and spectators alike keeping their eye on all three scoreboards. Roger, Bernard and Vickie in the mixed triples were always struggling but a glance across to the other two pistes showed that Gareth, Phil & Peter building a healthy lead and Tony, Mike & Jayne slowing edging ahead of their opponents.  A couple of ends later showed G, P & P had shipped a few points and their lead had been cut down. Meanwhile T, M & J were increasing their lead whilst R, B & V were still struggling. The first game to finish was G, P & P who ran out winners by 13-6 securing the trophy for Monkstone. Shortly after T, M & J posted a 13-2 win leaving the mixed triple as the only game to finish. Monkstone had been 8-1 down but a small run of form  pegged Caerleon back to 8-5 before they reimposed themselves on the game increasing their lead to 10-5. R, B & V weren’t going to give up without a fight taking it to 10 -7. A bad end followed in which it was wide open for Caerleon to take the 3 points needed but they missed the final point to increase their lead to 12-7. Monkstone took 1 on the next end for 12-8 but time was up during the end leaving a final end to be played. V opened with a great boule on the cosh but Caerleon knew that they only had to keep it tight so didn’t attempt to shoot. They pointed in all 6 boules with 2 of them within inches of the cosh. V put her next boule about 15 inches behind the cosh, leaving Monkstone first and fourth. B pointed his first which also went behind the cosh close to V’s. The agreed plan was to try to roll the cosh back a few inches to give 3 or possibly 4. B threw and agonisingly touched the cosh but only moved it a fraction leaving them still holding 1. R pointed in, got a ricochet and sneaked through for 2.  R threw the final boule which fell slightly short, ending what would have been a great comeback and leaving Monkstone on 10-12.

All the points were totted up and Tansy announced that Caerleon had salvaged some pride by winning 24-21 on the day but overall Monkstone had taken the cup by 51-39. Tansy congratulated Monkstone on their win and said that she thought that it had been a great competition played in a friendly spirit. Bernard said that he agreed entirely with Tansy’s comments and said that we should get the dates in the diary for another encounter in 2020/21.

Advance notice: The agreed dates are: 29 November 2020 at Caerleon and 10 January 2021 at Monkstone : 

Revised Dates:  22 November 2020 at Caerleon and 10 January 2021 at Monkstone

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WPA Presentation Evening

The WPA Presentation Evening was held on Friday 10 January 2020 at Dinas Powys Rugby Club. After an introductory slide show reliving some of the highlights, or lowlights for some people, of 2019, the evening moved on to the presentation of the awards.

The one sadness that was that our good friend Peter Westall was not with us to collect the 4 awards due to him.

Monkstone PC players were involved in no less than 2 cups, 2 shields, 5 plates and a special award of a gold WPA pin.

  • President’s Cup Runner Up – Gareth Spencer (Plate)
  • Ladies Doubles Runner Up – Judith Smith (Plate)
  • Men’s Triples Runner Up – Gareth Spencer – (Plate)
  • Cup for Clubs – Monkstone PC – (Cup)
  • Division 3 Winners – Monkstone Marauders – (Shield)
  • Division 1 Runners Up – Monkstone Monarchs – (Plate)
  • League Plate Winners – Monkstone Minotaurs – (Shield)
  • League Cup Runners Up – Monkstone Monarchs – (Plate)
  • WPA v BIG – Monkstone members in WPA team – (Cup)
  • Special Award – Vickie Adshead for her work as League Secretary

Well done to all who collected awards and well done to the club on a very successful year – the trophy cabinet will need an extension.

Photos to follow 

Thanks from Tim

Earlier this year Barbara Kensett was appealing for sponsorship money from club members on behalf of her daughter-in-law, Gail, and grandson, Morgan, who were doing a sponsored run in aid of Kidney Wales to help research into kidney disease.

For those who don’t know, Gail donated a kidney to Barbara’s son, Stewart, in order to give him a new lease of life when he was desperately ill. Over the years, Gail and her friends have raised around £7,500 for Kidney Wales.

Barbara wishes to express her thanks to everyone who contributed and below is an official thank you from Tim (before you take to WhatsApp, I know that means Team!)

Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Monkstone Second Welsh Club in Europe

According to a recently published list Monkstone PC is the second best Welsh Club in Europe. They feature in 46th place in a list of Europe’s best 100+ clubs, behind Wheatsheaf PC in 36th place but ahead of Caerleon in 69th place, Pontyclun in 73rd and the defunct Sir Henry Morgan PC in 103rd place.

We are not sure how these statistics were compiled but they appear to be based on the EuroCup competition.

The full list is available at:


Christmas Melee – 15 December 2019

The Christmas Melee was almost postponed because of the forecast of poor weather but the decision to go ahead was amply rewarded with fine weather including some sunshine and only one short shower. 20 hardy soles entered the competition which got underway after the usual delays while El Presidente explained who was playing with who.

Unsurprisingly, with 5 doubles matches, Round 1 produced 10 people with wins and the range of winning margins was from +5 to +12 giving an early advantage to Keith Nott & Sean Smith on +12.

On to Round 2 during which we had a short shower. When all the results were in there were only 5 players on 2 wins. Keith & Sean were still lead the way with +18 and +16 respectively and they were followed by Jayne Dunn (+13), Roger Griffin (+12) and Andres Siso (+10).  Would any of them be able to win in Round 3 and perhaps take the title or, as has happened recently nobody gets 3 wins and another Round 1 winner breaks through with a big win to snatch the crown away from the 5 leaders.

Sean was partnered by Mike Wigg in Round 3 where their opponents were Peter Kensett & Bernard Adshead. Sean & Mike took started well winning the first 4 ends for a lead of 7-0 but Peter & Bernard suddenly found some form and eventually ran out winners by 13-8. Meanwhile Keith was playing with Vickie Adshead against Roger, also on 2 wins. and Phil Roberts and after a close encounter Keith & Vickie went down 7-11. The remaining two people on 2 wins were also pitted against each other but they had had to form a triple as two people had to leave unexpectedly. Jayne was partnered by Peredur John and Tony Newton against Andres, Mike Jones, and Barbara Kensett. Jayne. Peredur and Tony proved to strong for Andres & co and won 13-5.

So it was back to the bar where, everyone having brought a plate of food, a superb repast was taken along with a few beers or other favourite tipples. The final results were then announced by El Presidente. With only 2 players on 3 wins, the Christmas Melee trophy went to Jayne Dunn (+21) followed by Roger Griffin (+16) and Keith Nott on 2 wins (+14). All three of them were presented with very fetching shorts by El Presidente. The day was rounded off by singing carols led by Judith Smith, Joy Griffin and Mike Wigg, the highlight (?) of which was part singing, with all the actions, of the 12 days of Christmas.

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