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February 100 Club Draw

The winners in the February 100 Club draw were:

1 Will McCarthy £62.50
2 Margaret David £20.50
3 Melys Phinnemore £10.25

Congratulations to the winners but don’t forget:


The more people that join the bigger the prizes. Contact Bernard on treasurer [at] monkstonepetanque [dot] org [dot] uk if you would like to join or for more details. 

Apologies to the January winners who have not received their winnings but it is difficult to get cheques signed in the current conditions. It is hoped that the cheques for January & February will be sent out in the next week or so.

Also it looks possible from the rumours that are circulating that we might be able to resume playing towards the end of March – fingers crossed!

January 100 Club Draw

The winners in the January 100 Club draw were:

1 John Barnes £62.50
2 Jackie Nott £20.50
3 Ian Bailey  £10.25

Congratulations to the winners but don’t forget:


The more people that join the bigger the prizes. Contact Bernard on treasurer [at] monkstonepetanque [dot] org [dot] uk if you would like to join or for more details. 

You Have to be IN it to WIN it

Five hardy soles turned up (plus 2 more who just turned up to see which idiots had actually turned up!) at the Club this morning for the final Friday Roll up  before the Club closes again due to the Coronavirus restrictions. The weather was fine but the flooded pistes were going to be a bit of a problem.

By 10 o’clock the skies had gone grey again and it was obvious that rain was not far away. Any thoughts of play were abandoned and so with nothing better to do the December 100 Club Draw was made – it had been intended to do it on Sunday at the Xmas Melee.

You could have cut the tension in the air with a knife – this was it, the Big One, El Gordo, the one we had waited for all year – not only was there the normal draw but also the Xmas Bonus Draw. After the usual discussion about the order in which the prizes should allocated as the balls were drawn it was decided (as it always is!) that the first ball would be the the Bonus. The draw was made and the results were as follows:

Bonus £110.00 Pete Kensett
1st Prize £62.50 Mike Wigg
2nd Prize  £20.50 Peter David
3rd Prize £10.25 John Edwards

The 100 Club is proving to to be the major fundraiser for the Club which has allowed us to carry out a number of projects to improve your Club even when income from other sources has been much reduced in the is very strange year. The level of prizes increases with the number of members who enrol in the 100 Club. It is interesting to note that based on this year’s club membership 32% of 100 Club members are from outside the Club whilst only 47% of the Club members are signed up to the 100 Club. If you not in the 100 Club, please think seriously about joining so that we can further improve the facilities at the Club. One project we have in mind, which would have been of great benefit this year when congregating indoors has not been possible, is an open sided covered extension to the front of the log cabin. It can only happen though when we have sufficient funds. So please consider joining* and remember:



and a Merry Christmas and a better 2021 to all our Members


*  if you would like to enrol please contact the Treasurer at treasurer [at] monkstonepetanque [dot] org [dot] uk


Coronavirus Update

The Welsh Government has today announced that Wales will move into Level 4 restrictions on 28 December 2020 which means, as announced earlier by the WPA, that outdoor sports will NOT be permitted. The Monkstone Executive has discussed the wider issues of the increasing level of infections in Wales. Our discussions were informed by the WG advice that we ought to consider what we “SHOULD” do rather than what we “CAN” do and the view that if it was not for the political decision to allow the Christmas break then the science would have said that we move to Level 4 this weekend.

In the light of these discussions, and in my capacity as the MPC Coronavirus Officer, I have taken the following decisions:

  1. The 2020 Xmas Melee scheduled for this Sunday 20 December  2020 is POSTPONED. A revised date will be scheduled when the restrictions permit.
  2. Monkstone PC will CLOSE TO ALL ACTIVITIES from Monday 21 December 2020 until such times as the restrictions permit us to reopen.
  3. It follows that the 2020 Club Doubles, which had already been rearranged once and is currently scheduled for 3 January 2021, is also POSTPONED again until a revised date can be scheduled when the restrictions permit.

These decisions have not been taken lightly but in the best interests of the health and safety of all our members and acknowledging the duty of care we have to our members.

Further updates will be issued as soon as we have any news regarding lifting of Corona virus restrictions.

Finally may I take this opportunity to wish all our members a Happy Christmas and a better 2021.

Bernard Adshead – MPC Coronavirus Officer