Monkstone PC Super League

As everyone is aware, Covid-19 has affected sport hugely this year and petanque has been no exception, with a host of competitions cancelled including the WPA League. In an effort to give our club’s league players some competitive action this season, Bernard and Vickie have organised a club Super League competition for our four current league teams.
Download fixture list from the link below and if you have any queries Bernard will be happy to answer them. The rules for the comp are generally as per the 2019 WPA League Rules but please see the specific rules on the fixture list.
Vickie, the WPA League Secretary, has agreed to act as League Secretary for the Monkstone PC Super League. Score sheets can be downloaded from the link below. The “Home” team should scan or photograph the completed sheet and email it to Vickie as soon as possible after the fixture is completed.
Round"Home" Team"Away" TeamScorePoints
Round 1MonarchsMeteors1-347-43
Round 1MinotaursMarauders3-143-38
Round 2Meteors Minotaurs1-331-41
Round 2MonarchsMarauders2-239-38
Round 3MinotaursMonarchs2-246-46
Round 3MeteorsMarauders0-426-52
Round 4MeteorsMonarchs0-432-52
Round 4MaraudersMinotaurs1-335-49
Round 5MinotaursMeteors2-241-35
Round 5MaraudersMonarchs3-145-45
Round 6MaraudersMeteors4-052-27
Round 6Monarchs Minotaurs3-146-40

2020 Monkstone Super League Fixture List

2020 Monkstone Super League Score Sheet