Monkstone PC Super League

The Monkstone PC Super League was inaugurated in 2020 when, due to the Coronavirus restrictions, it was not possible for the WPA National League to take place. The partial lifting of restrictions in the Autumn of 2020 allowed this intra-club competition to be held for the first time.
Even though the WPA National League recommenced in 2021, the Super League had been such a success that it was decided to continue with it as an annual competition. 
The 2023/24 edition of the competition will commence on Tue 4 October 2023 for 5 weeks before taking a mid-winter break, recommencing on 20 February 2024 for a further 5 weeks. This year, rather than base the teams on the existing WPA League teams as previously, six new teams have been created with names drawn at random from the people who had entered (with some seeding) to try to give more balanced teams to encourage our non-WPA League players to take part.
The new teams are Mammoths, Marlins, Mavericks, Meerkats, Mercenaries and Mustangs.
Results of matches must be submitted by the “Home Captain using the link below within 2 days of the match being played.
Position determined by Match Points (Win=3, Draw=1), then Games Won, then Points Difference, then Points-for




  1. The rules of the competition will be generally as the 2023 WPA League where not amended below.
  2. The fixtures are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday @ 7:00pm. There is flexibility to amend this by agreement between the teams. Fixtures must, however, be played by the Sunday before the next scheduled round.
  3. There will be break between Round 5 & 6 – Round 5 must be completed by 5 November 2023 and Round 10 must be completed by 24 March 2024.
  4. Because we are playing later in the year than the normal WPA league, we will need floodlights for evening games.  Fixtures will, therefore, be played on Lanes 2 & 3.
  5. If a fixture is rearranged to another date which IS NOT a scheduled Super League night, the Super League will take precedence over any other games and will be played on Lanes 2 & 3 as above.
  6. Notwithstanding Rule 5 above, if a Super League game is scheduled for Monday or Friday morning it will not take precedence over the normal roll-up and will be played on Pistes 15 & 16.
  7. If a fixture is rearranged to another date which IS a scheduled Super League night and the scheduled fixture is taking place, the rearranged fixture will take precedence over any other non-Super League games and will be played on Lanes 5 & 6.
  8. If any fixture is rescheduled for a date/time other than the scheduled date/time, please let Bernard know via Monkstone PC Super League WhatsApp group so that he is kept up to date with when games are being played. He will then advise if any other fixtures are being played on that date and confirm which lanes you are to play on i.e. 2 & 3 or 5 & 6.
  9. Results should be submitted by the “Home” Captain via the Monkstone PC Website using the link above within 2 days of the fixture taking place.


Click here for printable version of Super League Fixtures & Rules

Click here for printable version of Super League Score Sheet