100 Club

This is your chance to support the advancement of the sport of petanque in Cardiff. The funds will be used to improve the club’s facilities at their base at the Penylan Club, sponsor international tournaments held at the club and assist in enabling any of our members who qualify for national or international competitions to attend.

By joining our 100 Club you will have the chance to win £150, £50 or £25 every month, once 100 members have registered. Currently we have 46 members so the monthly prizes are just under half of these amounts. In addition 5% of all the income in a calendar year (currently £100+) is set aside for the Christmas Bonus Draw which is drawn with the December draw.

To become a member all you have to do is complete a bankers order and registration form and hand it to a member of the club’s committee or send it to the club.

The draw usually takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month but in some circumstances a few days later.

Follow this link to download a 100 Club Application Form.

Winners of the Draw:


Sep-2023Roger Griffin £79.50Margaret Dyer £26.50Steve Nott £13.25
Aug-2023Margaret Dyer £79.50Steve Osling £26.50Gill Clark £13.25
Jul-2023Adrian "Jake" Caston £75Spencer Bartlett £25Tom Mills £12.50
Jun-2023Spencer Bartlett £73.50Steve Osling £24.50Will McCarthy £12.25
May-2023Phil Lloyd £73.50Cynthia Barnes £24.50Helen Edwards £12.25
Apr-2023Betty Hoyle £73.50John Edwards £24.50John Chichester £12.25
Mar-2023Cynthia Barnes £73.50John Barnes £24.50Ash Seath £12.25
Feb-2023Steve Nott £72Denise Jones £24Beryl McCarthy £12
Jan-2023Alex Hicks £69Roger Griffin £23Mike Jones £11.50
Christmas Bonus
Gill Clark £130
Dec-2022John Edwards £69Del Axon £23Roger Griffin £11.50
Nov-2022Will McCarthy £69Mike Jones £23Roger Green £11.50
Oct-2022Mike Wigg £69Keith Nott £23Peter Kensett £11.50
Sep-2022Peredur John £69Roger Bennett £23Peter Axon £11.50
Aug-2022Gill Greenwell £69Beryl McCarthy £23Will McCarthy £11.50
Jul-2022Margaret Dyer £69Roger Bennett £23Denise Jones £11.50
Jun-2022Stephen Osling £69Mike Jones £23Denise Jones £11.50
May-2022Peredur John £69John Edwards £23Peter Kensett £11.50
Apr 2022Rob Harris £69John Barnes £23Roger Griffin £11.50
Mar-2022Beryl McCarthy £69Linda Halloran £23Peter Kensett £11.50
Feb-2022Phil Roberts £69Will McCarthy £23Jackie Nott £11.50
Jan-2022Jackie Nott £69Mike Jones £23Roger Bennett £11.50
Christmas Bonus
John Edwards £120
Dec-2021Alex HicksTony SmithPeter David
Nov-2021John ChichesterGill GreenwellJackie Nott
Oct-2021Alex HicksTom MillsJoy Griffin
Sep-2021Chris "Buzz" ReesAlex HicksPeter Kensett
Aug-2021Linda HalloranRoger "Ben" BennettBetty Hoyle
Jul-2021Norman FrancisChris "Buzz" ReesBetty Hoyle
Jun-2021Margaret DavidRoger "Ben" BennettPeter Kensett
May-2021Ian BaileyHelen EdwardsPhil Lloyd
Apr-2021Joy GriffinHelen EdwardsDel Axon
Mar-2021Cynthia BarnesJudith SmithBernard Adshead
Feb-2021Will McCarthyMargaret DavidMelys Phinnemore
Jan-2021John BarnesJackie NottIan Bailey
Christmas Bonus
Peter Kensett £110
Dec-2020Mike WiggPeter DavidJohn Edwards
Nov-2020Gill ClarkJohn BarnesNorman Francis
Oct-2020John BarnesCynthia BarnesRoger "Ben" Bennett
Sep-2020Keith NottStephen OslingMike Jones
Aug-2020Jayne DunnIan BaileyPeter Kensett
Jul-2020Bernard AdsheadMargaret DavidJayne Dunn
Jun-2020Vickie AdsheadGill ClarkMargaret David
May-2020Chris "Buzz" ReesStephen OslingLinda Halloran
Apr-2020Denise JonesBetty HoyleIan Bailey
Mar-2020Lynda HodgesJake CastonJayne Dunn
Feb-2020Bernard AdsheadPeredur JohnPeter Axon
Jan-2020Lynda HodgesMargaret DavidBernard Adshead
Christmas Bonus
Keith Nott £100
Dec-2019Denise JonesCaren Baxter-HillBernard Adshead
Nov-2019Peter AxonHelen EdwardsMichael Wigg
Oct-2019Joy GriffinCynthia BarnesMichael Jones
Sep-2019Chris "Buzz" ReesPeter AxonJudith Smith
Aug-2019John BarnesPeter AxonChris Rees
Jul-2019Norman FrancisJake CastonPeter Axon
Jun-2019Jayne DunnTony SmithDel Axon
May-2019Alan WelchPeter KensettHelen Edwards
Apr-2019Del AxonNorman FrancisJohn Chichester
Mar-2019Roger GriffinJohn BarnesStephen Osling
Feb-2019Alan WelchWilliam McCarthyJohn Chichester
Jan-2019Michael JonesNorman FrancisStephen Osling