Monkstone Club Competitions

It is the Club’s intention to hold the usual Club competitions in 2024.

7 April 2024 – Monkstone Easter Egg Melee (No pre-registration required)

29 September 2024 – Monkstone President’s Cup (No pre-registration required)

13 October 2024 – Monkstone Club Doubles (Pre-registration required) 

12 November 2024 – Monkstone Club Triples (Pre-registration required)

22 December 2024 – Monkstone Xmas Melee (No pre-registration required)


  •    Entry is only open to Club Members
  • To enter the Monkstone Club competitions that require pre-registration you must submit your name by noon on the Friday before the competition. Entries received after that deadline will not be considered unless the Organiser considers that such entries would result in a smoother run event.
  • To enter the Monkstone Club competitions that do not require pre-registration just turn up on the day. 
  • For ALL competitions you must arrive by 10:45am on the day of the competition – latecomers may be refused entry.
  • Lists of entrants will be sent by email to confirm the entries.

Doubles & Triples competitions will be played in the form of a doubles or triples melee where partners stay together for all three rounds. In order to encourage entries from newer less experienced members, the entries will be seeded in order to put together teams with members of varying experience.