Trish & Bill Win in Tenerife

On their recent holiday in Tenerife, Trish & Bill Mains took part in a number of boules competitions at the hotel where they were staying. Other competitors came from Switzerland, Belgium, France and Spain.

Trish & Bill won 2 competitions playing together and then each won 2 more competitions playing with other partners.

Well done to them both.

The weather wasn’t too good in Tenerife!



2019 Winter Friendly 1st Leg

Today at the club we held the 1st leg of the second annual Winter Friendly against Caerleon. The match started in dry but quite cold weather until mid-morning the sun broke through when it warmed up considerably – at least for the time of year. The competition was played using the Cup for Clubs format but extended to 9 singles, 4 doubles and 3 triples. Using the C4C scoring system meant that there were 45 points on offer so 23 were needed for victory.

The singles got underway with Roger Griffin, Mike Jones, Roger Green, Gareth Spencer, Phil Roberts, Sean Smith, Michelle Spencer and Gill Greenwell playing in the open singles with Jayne Dunn filling the last spot in the Ladies singles. As the games progressed it looked as though Monkstone were building an early lead which they managed to maintain, winning 7 out of the 9 singles for a lead of 14 points to 4. Special mention should be made of Gill Greenwell who won her first ever singles game 13-9.

So it was onto the doubles with Roger Grif & Vickie Adshead forming the mixed pair with Sean Smith & Amanda Jenkins, Peter Kensett & Gill and Gareth & Jane McGirr forming the open pairs. It soon became obvious that this round was likely to be a lot closer than the singles with Monkstone up in 2 and down in 2. Roger & Vickie won quite convincingly by 13 -3 but the next 2 results went against Monkstone. The round was saved when the whistle blew with Gareth and Jane leading 8-4 for a second round draw of 6 points each and an overall score of 20 points to 10.

Being lunch time, this was an excellent time to have a break in play for hot soup, bread, cakes, mince pies etc which was very welcome as, despite the glorious sunshine, there was still a bit of a nip in the air. At the end of the break, President, Mike Jones, thanked everyone for coming to play and he also thanked Joy Griffin & Vickie for the hot soup and all those, including some from Caerleon, who had provided cakes and mince pies.

Resuming the match with triples, in which each encounter was worth 5 points, Monkstone only needed 1 win out of the 3 to reach the 23 points required for victory. Roger Green, Phil & Jayne formed the mixed triple whist the open triples were Bernard Adshead, Jane & Michelle and Peter, Amanda and Vickie. Could Monkstone secure the one win they needed. Things were looking good when the mixed team and B, J & M opened up leads over their opponents although they were behind in the other open triple.  As we approached the 60 minute time limit P, A & V had gone down 13-4 and just before the time was up R, P & J recorded a 13-9 win. B, J and M had lead 10-3 at one point against Tansy Mayfield, Gemma  & Sue Foster. A change in playing order by the Caerleon triple saw them come back to 10-8. Points went to both sides when, with Monkstone leading 12-10 and Caerleon holding 1 with a boule to come, the final whistle sounded – the last boule was thrown to try to secure a draw but it fell short and Monkstone held on for a 12-11 win.

So after this nail biting finish, Monkstone had won the 1st leg by 11 games to 5 and 30 points to 15, Well done to Monkstone especially our “new” ladies, Gill, Amanda & Jane  – but it’s not over yet. It’s on to the 2nd leg at Caerleon scheduled for 12 January 2020.

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Club Melee and Lunch – 24 November 2019

Last Sunday at the Club, we played the usual end of month melee followed by a lunch in the Penylan Club.

The melle was restricted to 2 rounds instead of the usual 3 so that we could finish in time for lunch. 22 members took part in the play (meaning one game in each round had to be played as a triple) and at the end of Round 1 there, obviously, 11 winners. The leaders this stage were Alan Welch & John Xiberas (+13), Peter Kensett & Keith Nott (+12) and Sean Smith & Roger Griffin (+8).

So it was onto Round 2 and with only 2 rounds it would be very difficult for any player to make up the deficit in points difference. When the scores were in there were 8 players on 2 wins with Keith, Alan and Peter scooping the prizes in a very close finish.

The full results for the top 8 on 2 wins were:

Team Place Diff
Keith Nott 1 +21
Alan Welch 2 +20
Peter Kensett 3 +19
Mike Jones 4 +18
Sean Smith 5 +17
Peter David 6 +16
Roger “Ben” Bennett 6 +16
Roger Griffin 8 +11

So it was into the bar for a quick drink before the lunch which had been prepared by Linda Hodges, Judith Smith & Barbara Kensett. Turkey and ham which had been cooked for the Nations Veterans Cup in the summer but not used had been frozen so that it could be kept for this meal. Served along with chips and vegetables it proved to be a splendid repast especially when it was finished of with a large slice of lemon meringue pie – also surplus from the summer competition!

President Mike announced the winners of the melee and paid them their ill-gotten gains. Mike then thanked everyone for coming and gave special thanks to Linda, Judith & Barbara for all their hard work. His suggestion that we might do this after every month end melee was met with almost unanimous approval – the dissenters were, of course, Linda, Judith & Barbara!

A great day helping to foster a great atmosphere within the Club.

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Monkstone PC President’s Cup – 17 November 2019

On 17 November under clear skies (well it wasn’t raining!) the 2019 President’s Cup got underway with 21 members taking to the pistes.

After Round 1 there were 10 people on 1 win with points differences for +2 to +10. One of those on +10 was El Pres Mike who as usual was desperate to win his own cup. Could he keep it up and triumph in the end?

Round 2 got underway and as the scores came in some of the first round winners had fallen at the second hurdle with finally only 5 players from the original 10 recording a win. In third place was Phil Roberts (+15), second Jayne Dunn (+17) with the maestro himself, El Pres, leading the way on +19 – could he hold it together for a final push to the winning post, would Phil Roberts break through for his second title of the season or would one of the other 2 players on 2 wins, Roger Green & Tony Smith, pip them both. So many questions which could only be answered on the piste.

As the Round 3 results started to come through things started to get interesting as Roger Green threw down the gauntlet by recording his third win for a score of +15. Next in was Jayne who had gone down 8-13 and was out of the running. The final 3 players on 2 wins were all involved in very close 13-11 (or 11-13) games. First in was Tony Smith who had gone down 11-13 and fell out of contention. The only game left out on the piste was Mike Jones & Peter Kensett v Phil Roberts & Barbara Kensett, the winner of which would take the title as a positive points difference would mean either of them finished above Roger Green. The game swung to and fro with the lead changing hands a number of times but in the end, quelle horreur, El Pres had gone down 11-13 to leave Phil on  3 wins (+17) and the worthy winner of the 2019 President’s Cup. Well done Phil!

El Pres grudgingly handing over HIS trophy

                         Phil looking like the cat the got the cream                                                       with his second trophy of the season



Monkstone PC Club Doubles – 10 November 2019

10 November saw the second competition of the autumn series, the Club Doubles. Just as the previous week’s Triples, 24 members entered the competition. It was good to see brand new member, Amanda Jenkins taking part.

The first round saw wins for the following teams:

Vickie Adshead & Gill Clark; Peter Kensett & Andres Siso; Jayne Dunn & Gill Greenwell; Mike Wigg & Carol Maroney; Gareth Spencer & Peter David; Phil Roberts & Amanda Jenkins. Phil & Amanda were clear leaders with +7 followed by Peter and Andres on +5.

Round 2 got underway with Phil & Amanda pitted against Gareth & Peter whilst Peter & Andres took on Tony Smith & Ian Baildon Smith. Phil & Amanda ran out with a storming 13-1 win whilst Peter & Andres went down 10-13. This meant that the only teams on 2 wins were Jayne & Gill (+6), Vickie & Gill (+9) and Phil & Amanda (+19). It looked as though Phil & Amanda were nailed on for the title – could anyone stop them. President Mike’s hopes of winning had been blown out of the water with no wins in the first 2 rounds.

So it was into the deciding 3rd round and as the results started to come in it revealed that all three teams on 2 wins had lost so no team could get more than 2 wins. Had another team on 1 win come through and won in Round 3 by a sufficient margin to topple Amanda & Phil.

Bernard Adshead, who had been unable to take part, had taken over the role of scorer and, after all the results were in, he checked and double checked the totals before announcing the final positions.

Back in the clubhouse Phil & Amanda were declared the 2019 Club Doubles winners. Many congratulations to them both but particularly to Amanda for whom it was her first competition – other players better watch out for the new kid on the block!

President Mike Jones presents the trophy to Amanda & Phil


The full results were:

Team Wins Diff
Phil Roberts & Amanda Jenkins 2 +14
John Maroney & Roger “Ben” Bennett 2 +9
Tony Smith & Ian Baildon-Smith 2 +6
Jayne Dunn & Gill Greenwell 2 +5
Vickie Adshead & Gill Clark 2 -3
Peter Kensett & Andres Siso 1 +2
Roger Griffin & Judith Smith 1 +2
Mike Jones & Barbara Kensett 1 +1
Michelle Spencer & Tony Newton 1 0
Mike Wigg & Carol Maroney 1 -8
Gareth Spencer & Peter David 0 -10
Roger Green & Steve Hawdon 0 -14