Easter Egg Melee

The Club’s annual Easter Egg Melee took place on Sunday. The promised rain managed to hold off until the competition finished.

30 Members turned out to try to win the stupendous Easter Egg prizes on offer. The Organiser promised a special twist this year, which would be revealed at the end of the competition.

Round one, as might have been predicted, produced 15 winners with Paul Wilcockson & Colin Burfoot in the lead on +11 closely followed by Francis Ryan & Robin Ralph on +10. Round 2 began to sort out the potential winners with only 8 players on 2 wins – Paul Wilcockson was in the lead on +16 followed by Francis Ryan & Margaret Dyer on +12.

So it was into the final round and unfortunately Paul & Francis couldn’t maintain their momentum as both lost and finishing on 2 wins. Only 3 players managed 3 wins and it was El Pres himself who came up on the rails to win with +18, followed my Margaret Dyer on +15 and Keith Nott on +8. in fourth place was Sean Smith on 2 wins and +14.

The 4 winners received 5 cream eggs (1st). 4 eggs (2nd), 3 eggs (3rd) and 2 eggs (4th) with all the rest of players receiving 1 egg.

It was then that the Organiser revealed that if anyone had a half white and half white egg it was worth £10,000 curtesy of Cadbury’s.

Unfortunately, nobody found the elusive two tone egg!!




The Organiser, Bernard Adshead, presents the winner, Mike Jones, with the Easter Egg Melee trophy


The top 4, Keith Nott (3rd), Margaret Dyer (2nd), Mike Jones (1st) and Sean Smith (4th)


The competition in full swing

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