Marauders put Monarchs to the Sword

From the pen of our cub reporter (and resident comedian) – Mike Jones

The scene was set for battle. The gladiators entered the arena ready for a crucial contest. Monarchs needed a win while Marauders wanted scalps! The arena was packed with screaming, chanting and mentally disturbed spectators (well it would have been if not for Covid restrictions!!). Monarchs had carefully chosen their weapons. Tony had a trident, Mike chose a curved sword, Sean a net and shield and Keith, a frilly pink, ‘off the shoulder’ number from Primark! The Marauders had chosen 3 boules each!! The weather was unpleasant but the camaraderie was obvious to all.

The games began with cagey, careful play, neither team prepared to show their hand too early in the match . Monarchs, Mike J and Sean, played Marauders, Gareth and Michelle, and from 3-3 to 7-7 no breakthrough was made. With good play from both teams, the game was going to be tight. Then Monarchs gained an 11-8 lead but Marauders were not done with. A disastrous end saw Marauders take a 5 to snatch the game. A good game won well. Mike J and Sean wiped away the tears to watch Tony and Keith in combat with Phil and Mike Cranston.

Unfortunately, the game stood at 11-4 to Marauders so more tears appeared in Mike J and Sean’s eyes. However, not put off by good pointing from Mike C. and good shooting from Phil, Monarchs grabbed a 5 to make it 11-9. Marauders were not to be outplayed and managed to take the game 13-9. A very good game with skilful Petanque from all players. Now 2-0 down, Monarchs were playing for their pride.

The games continued into the dark, wet night. Mike J and Sean played ‘cat and mouse’ with Phil and Mike C. With the game at 4-4, it needed something special. Well, that didn’t materialise, so the game continued with Monarchs eventually sneaking 1 or 2 on the next few ends to get to a 4-11 lead and then 6-12.   Surely, 1 point was not beyond them.   Well!!   Some good pointing and shooting saw Phil and Mike C. grab a 5! (Oh no! Deja- vous from the first game!). At 11-12 it was toooooo close for comfort. Up steps Phil with a clever point to take the 2 needed to make a miraculous comeback and win 13-12. A great game and a worthy win.

Discarding the curved sword, net and shield, Mike and Sean trudged dejectedly to watch their teammates and it was some comfort to see that they were winning 11-4 at the time. Marauders, Gareth and Michelle, however, were still fighting and gained a good 5 on the next end. (What is it about the Monarchs conceding 5 this evening???). At 11-9 Monarchs turned the screw to win 13-9. Another good game , a feature of the entire evening.

A deserving win for the Marauders at 3-1 with overall points for the match a draw at 45-45. Well done everyone, a good match to be part of.  Monarchs failed in their bid to take it to the final match of the  Super League and congratulate the overall winners, Minotaurs, on their success.

For those who are interested, the Monarchs team have decided to seek medical help. Tony and Keith are setting up a ‘ double- act ‘ as – ‘Rulez ‘R Us’, Sean is becoming a monk and Mike is taking up darts (who said he will probably miss the board!!!).

Well it’s adios from me and adios from all the voices in my head!!!

Note from Webmaster – I want some of what Mike’s on! 

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