WPA Presentation Evening

The WPA Presentation Evening was held on Friday 10 January 2020 at Dinas Powys Rugby Club. After an introductory slide show reliving some of the highlights, or lowlights for some people, of 2019, the evening moved on to the presentation of the awards.

The one sadness that was that our good friend Peter Westall was not with us to collect the 4 awards due to him.

Monkstone PC players were involved in no less than 2 cups, 2 shields, 5 plates and a special award of a gold WPA pin.

  • President’s Cup Runner Up – Gareth Spencer (Plate)
  • Ladies Doubles Runner Up – Judith Smith (Plate)
  • Men’s Triples Runner Up – Gareth Spencer – (Plate)
  • Cup for Clubs – Monkstone PC – (Cup)
  • Division 3 Winners – Monkstone Marauders – (Shield)
  • Division 1 Runners Up – Monkstone Monarchs – (Plate)
  • League Plate Winners – Monkstone Minotaurs – (Shield)
  • League Cup Runners Up – Monkstone Monarchs – (Plate)
  • WPA v BIG – Monkstone members in WPA team – (Cup)
  • Special Award – Vickie Adshead for her work as League Secretary

Well done to all who collected awards and well done to the club on a very successful year – the trophy cabinet will need an extension.

Photos to follow 

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