First Melee of 2019

Last Sunday the Club held its first melee of 2019 organised by Roger Green.

In Round 1 there were some closely fought games but when all the scores were in, Phil Roberts and Roger Green had taken an early lead with a win and +12.

In Round 2 the fierce, but friendly, competition continued and this was confirmed when at the end of the round there were only 4 players on 2 wins:

1 Roger Green +24
2 Jayne Dunn +18
3 Barabara Kensett +11
4 Keith Nott +10

It looked very much as if the winner would come from this group of 4 with Roger Green in pole position but he still had to win his last game to be sure of victory. When the scores came in, 2 of the players on 2 wins had converted that into 3 wins – but 2 had fallen at the last hurdle – which raised the prospect of someone else with a good third round win getting into the prizes.

This proved not to be the case and it was Keith Nott who fell out of the top 3 and, following in the best Mike Jones tradition, the organiser had consolidated his lead and was declared the winner.

1 Roger Green 3 wins +28
2 Barbara Kensett 3 wins +18
3 Jayne Dunn 2 wins +17

Thanks again to Roger for his organisation – your correspondent is thinking of doing the next one as it seems the only way he will get near the prizes.



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