Minotaurs Extend Their Lead

In the first game of Round 2 of the Monkstone Super League, the two winners in the first round, Meteors and Minotaurs were pitted against each other knowing the winner would be top of the table at the end of Round 2. 

In the first game Bernard & Jayne D came up against Norman & Ben. The game started slowly but Minotaurs kept the scoreboard ticking over not letting Meteors into the game and eventually ran out winners by 13-0. In the other game Vickie and Pete took on Keith T & Chich and found themselves 0-7 down. Minotaurs then started to put their game together and caught and overtook the opposition to finish on 13-9.

The reverse pairs started, but Bernard & Jayne still had their head in the clouds after their decisive win in the first game. Keith & Chich outplayed them in every department to record an emphatic 13-2 win. In the final game Vickie & Pete found themselves 6 points adrift again before getting going. With the score at 12-9 to Minotaurs, the game ended with one of the most remarkable shots seen for quite some time. Meteors were holding around 15cm off the jack when Pete attempted to shoot out their boule. His effort was well short but bounced off the top of another boule, went up in the air and came down on top of the jack and stayed touching it. Meteors had 2 boules left but could not push Minotaurs off the jack leaving them as 13-9 winners for an overall 3 games to 1 match score.

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